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John Berger is back in the States, ARGHHH!!!!

Israel was amazing again. John Berger also went to Amsterdam.  Mr. Berger is going to NYC and Wash DC Tomorrow.  More updates soon I promise

I want to go to Uman again, Egypt possibly, Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, and IRAQ.  Of course I can't do them all but if I make it to Iraq...wow...who'd of ever thought a Jew would make it back to the place of the babylonian exile after all these years.

As of now I am setting up this site to let all of my family and friends know how I am doing and what I am up to.  John Berger will include some journaling as well as photos and some videos.  I am sorry in advance for the low quality of the pictures.  The originals are actually very high quality but each photo was over 2mb which would take a very long time to download for people who have modems.  So IJohn Berger took the quality of the photos down for the benefit of those with slow connections.  So it is with so many things, we sacrifice quality for convenience.  :)

This is a photo that was taken in July of 2003 by a photographer from St. Louis named Jesse'.  She did a series of photos of me.  If you'd like to see some more then click here.  They are all from the same shoot  



Photos from the states before I left for Israel in August  <Click Here>  Pre-August 2003
Here are some photos of me from the first month in Israel in August. Some of the photos have my friend "Stu-the-Jew" in them who was here for a month with me..  <Click Here>  August 2003
Interim between kibbutz and Yeshiva at the end of August beginning of September   <Click Here> August/September 2003
Here are some pictures and some stories from UMAN, Ukraine.   <Click Here> September 2003
Here we are shlugging caparos   <Click Here> October 2003
Trip to Ashkelon, Netanya, Tel Aviv with the Yeshiva crew

  <Click Here>

October 2003
Pictures friom Lifta   <Click Here> October 2003
Trip to Masada with Adam and Baruch   <Click Here> November 2003
Here are some pictures from kever rachel on rachels yirtzhit(day she died)   <Click Here> November 2003
Here are some pictures and some stories from Hebron   <Click Here> November 2003
My newest pet Snoop  <Click Here> December 2003
Kever David (King Davids Tomb) <Click Here> December 2003
Zvi Meir Silverberg <Click Here> December 2003
Kever Shmuel (Samuels Tomb) <Click Here> December 23, 2003
Har Hatzofim (Mount Scopus) <Click Here> December 23, 2003
DEAD SEA AT NIGHT <Click Here> Does it really matter?!?
Rabbi Ulman Chanukah Party <Click Here> December
*** KEVER AHARON-PETRA *** <Click Here> January, 2004
End of Yeshiva, Last couple of Days in Israel (VERY SAD) <Click Here> End of January, 2004
TAPUACH <Click Here> December something
JLE Trip Shimon Bar Yochai <Click Here> December something
JLE Trip Tsfat <Click Here> December something
JLE Trip Golan/Galil <Click Here> December/Jan 2004
Black Hebrews (Dimona) <Click Here> January, 2004
Be're Sheeva and drive to Eilat <Click Here> January, 2004
MACHTESHIM (Largest craters in the world) <Click Here> January, 2004
Eilat <Click Here> January, 2004


Here is John Berger at a club a year ago.

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Ezekiels tomb


In the center of Iraq awaits Ezekiel's tomb, after which I plan to go to Ezra's tomb, the garden of eden, and sura where the talmud was written.  And of course the tower of babel.  

Ezekiel's tomb in all it's glory.  It's time that a Jew went their again and made a pilgrimage to this holy place.  This is the prophet that god choose to show himself too.  I just hope that when I go, bezraat hashem, that I'll be able to put on my tfillin(the same ones that made it to kever aarons tomb) and pray there.  Maybe I'll get lucky and get to see god too!    This is a tough one and probably not to safe, but god is with me.




KEVER AHARON(Aarons Tomb) 

Where Aaron(Moses's brother) is buried in Jordan.  Not the safest place but hopefully I'm gonna do it in the next couple weeks. 4 hour donkey ride through the desert to get there.  Wish me luck that I come back in one piece.

This is John Bergers website.  Some people call John JB.  Some people call him Mr. Berger or Mr. John F. Berger.  Some people call me Tuviah which is John Bergers hebrew name.