Macthesh Ramon(Largest)

(The music is Avadim Hayinu, we're not slaves anymore)

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BEHHHHHHH, taking a poop











Goats Toochus's (booty)

















































JB and Noah on a bridge that goes over the road.  The terrain is crazy.










JB and NOAHTORIOUS looking Tough










Whoose house? John's House!










Noah showing his inability to do anything normally.  Why couldn't he just take a photo like anyone else.  This photo is me and rick.  Rick is afraid of heights and it was well over a 100 foot drop over that cliff.  I had to drag him over there for the photo.  He did do a good job of concealing his fear though.






I setup this photo.  I told Rick or Noah I can't remember which one okay.  I'm going over there.  You stand here.  Point it right here now don't move.  I'm gonna run over there and you snap it when I yell.  WALAH!  









Noah pretending to herd goats.  BEHHHHHHHHHHH









Noah showing his ineptitude again, by not framing a simple photo right.  How hard is it to take a simple photo? DUH?










It's impossible to capture the enormity of the Machtesh Ramon.  It's so big you can't see the other side.  You drive through it to get to Eilat, which is exactly what we did.  It seemed like it took forever to get to the other side.









We started with a BEHHHHHHH, we'll finish with a BEHHHHHHH!!!