(shlug caparot)

The total movie is 65MB.  I chopped it up into 6 seperate movies.  Each one will take awhile to download, but it's well worth the wait.  You should watch them in order from one to six.  I listed the file size next to the links.  The size might be off a 100k or so due to the way Microsoft does its conversion from bits to bytes(IE 1028B=1MB vs 1000B=1MB).  Also I reduced the quality a bit to reduce download time.  You have two options to view this footage.

1) Simply click on the link to view it and wait for it to download and play.  Or...

2) The other thing you can do is right click on the link below and select "Save Target As..." then specify where you want to save it on your hardrive(the desktop is easiest) and then click "Save".  Repeat the steps with all six clips and watch them in order.  This is my first attempt at video on this site so please tell me how it works out.

 Caparot video one     5.461MB

 Caparot video two     7.125MB

 Caparot video three   8.503MB

 Caparot video four    9.570MB

 Caparot video five    5.183MB

 Caparot video six     6.404MB

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