Be'er Sheeva and the ride to Eilat
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Car that ran off road, IDIOT! HA HA!  Just kidding.  But I did have to stop, point, laugh, and snap a photo.  

I wonder if the second car was able to pull the first one out?  Hmmm...
















We went to a mall to get some food and Noah decided to hide from me.  He told the other guys see if John notices me, don't tell him I'm in here.  Like I wouldn't see that.

Oy, how far I've fallen!






























The Negev crew; Rick, JB, Noah, Ariel, at the bedouin market in Be'er Sheeva.  We bought all kinds of Chatchkas(junk) that we didn't need.  You can see our spoil proudly displayed on the ground and in ricks arm in our shopping bags(garbage bags).  

FYI:  I had to pay 2 shekels to go to the bathroom here and all they gave me was four measly squares of toilette paper.