Black Hebrews
Yeshiva guys play ball with the brothers

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We went down to Dimona in search of the black hebrews.  We found them in Dimona in their own community.  We wanted to daven (pray) with them but they didn't exactly practice the same way we do and didn't have regular minyans(prayer times) so we settled for a four on four basketball game. 

We were up by ten points at one point in a game to 15 but since Rick had no skills, and Noah was spazzing all over the place knocking people over and falling down, it was up to me and Arial to put the points on the board.  In a valiant effort I put up over half our points.  But we couldn't run around with these 16 year olds and ended up losing by one point.  These guys all had American Parents that moved to Israel.

My name is Ty. I am a nice Guy.  <-biggest rapper in London named Ty (Twieeeeee)