Shabbos in Eilat

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Ariel fell asleep and may be the worlds deepest sleeper.  So Noah decided to test this theory by seeing how many Garanim(sunflower seeds) he could put on Ariels face before he woke up.  This actually took over five minutes since the seeds would not adhere to his skin well. 

Photo 1 (1 seed)








Photo 2 (3 seeds)









Photo 3 (5 seeds)










Photo 4 (7 seeds)








Photo 8 (too many seeds) he woke up. 

Ariel doesn't even know about this, but he'll find out next time he checks the site.  I wish I could be there to see the expression on his face.











Noah passed out drunk on Motzei Shabbos (Sat night)  He fell asleep with the remote in his hand.  He layed like this for a good hour before I yanked the remote out of his hand.  He had a death grip on it and woke up for a brief second and passed out again.













Side angle with remote.