Trip to the galil and golan

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Some of the guys in the golan you can see the old city to the left and behind us.











Old city (can't remember the name, but I'm sure someone will e-mail me with it)  It's over 2000 years old and the Jews held it for years while being sieged.  It's truly an amazing site and the pictures don't do it justice.









Eagles/Vultures hovering in the valley.













Huge waterfall














Me with view to the north.  way in the distance you can see Syria.









One of the trees that the Syrians planted.

In 1967 the secretary of defense for Syria was an Israeli Mosad Agent(spy).  The Syrian soldiers were complaining that it was to hot so this agent ordered them to plant trees by all the bunkers to shade the soldiers.

In 1967 Israel was told to bomb where they saw the trees and were able to dismantle the Syrian ground forces in a fraction of the time it should've taken.

Only a Jew would have thought to do this...simply amazing.




Another tree by a bunker.

You can see some of the wreckage of the bunker.













Jesus Loves You (Todd???)













Jesus in Prayer?












What do you think, maybe I could enter into the looks like Jesus contest?  Maybe I make a better Judas!











1) Us messing with noah on the bus ride home. Putting bam-bah in Noahs nose.

2) Noah waking up after the assault