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Shimon Bar Yochais Kever (tomb)

Of the books that we currently have, he is credited with being the first one to write about  Kabballah.










JB and John Jablo the old guys. look at that beard.














Again a couple of old guys












Ricky, Todd, and RABBI GOTLEIB in a rare candid photo.







JB in front of the kever













Ariel, JB, and Bezrat Hashem Rabbi Gefen, in front of Rebbi Nachman Tent.  The Rebbi is everywhere. 










Chaim (nice haircut), JB (nice beard), Yosi (nice tongue)










A Nachman truck pulled up and a Nachman guy came out in the rain.  We were all in our bus ready to go to Tsfat when Rabbi Meyers yelled out "John (actually Jawhn (he is south african)) The Nachman guys are outside"

So I ran off the bus and so did a bunch of other guys and we started dancing in the rain.  We had to be out there at least 20 minutes dancing in the rain.  It was amazing.  I have an incredible video of it but couldn't get it to upload yet.  I'll upload it soon.







More dancing













More dancing














More dancing









More dancing