JLE Tzfat
most of the good stuff happened on shabbos sorry no pictures on shabbos


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JB and Ricky in hotel in Tsfat.












JB and Hilton and The Ari's Kever

Arizel was one of the greates rabbis to ever live. He wrote books on Kabbalah and has created an amazing mikvah from an underground spring.  It is considered the holiest mikvah in the world and was the first mikvah I was ever in about 4 months before this photo was taken.










JB in front of Ari's Kever.













Rabbi Yosef Cairo's Kever he is one of the greatest rabbis who ever lived and is credited with the Shulchan Aruch (code of Jewish Law)  Many of our laws today come from this book.









JB in the Ari's Mikvah.












JB at Mikvah












JB at Mikvah













JB at Mikvah

























JB at Mikvah












JB at Mikvah














Rabbi Geffens kids lighting candles at night outside of Rabbi Yonasan ben Uziel's Kever in Amukah(near Tzfat)  It was pitch black that night.

It is especially good to pray at this rabbi's kever if you are looking for a shidduch(to get married)








Very Nice little one!  But I thought nice little jewish boys made Mogen David's(Stars of David), not crosses???

When I pointed this out that night Rabbi Adler promptly kicked all the candles over, and the kids had to redo it over in a different configuration.  It was quite funny.