Kever Shmuel
Samuels Tomb

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1)Me on bus

2)Noah,Adam,JB on bus







1)Todd and younger brother Toddler (Just kidding Chad)

2) B'Ezrat Hashem it's Rabbi Gefen the black hat tour guide, he also does bar mitzvahs and weddings










1) View with JLE crew in foreground

2) View from in front of the tomb






1) Rabotsi it's JB and Rabbi Myers

2) Scott, JB, Eric(Ross)






1) B'Ezrat Hashem Rabbi Gefens kids, a soldier helping fix their glasses and me me JB still kicking it in 2003!















AM YISROEL CHAI(nation of israel lives)  Need I say more?













Me in front of the Kever(tomb)














1) Army Jeep (sadly it's always a presence in Israel)

2) The bus ready to take us to Har Hatzofim (Mt. Scopus)