Kever Aharon
Aaron's Tomb

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Kever Aharon from a distance










Me on a donkey with rick and one of the donkey owners, car in background.










How beautiful Jordan is with Israel right behind it.










Kever Aharon from a distance, it's the white thing on top.









Closer up view of Kever Aharon.









Me on a donkey with Kafiyah(sp?) on.  Israel in background.  This was taken from Jordan a couple hundred feet from the summit where aarons tomb is.  The rest of the climb is on foot.









Me with kever aharon behind me.  You can see we still have to climb that last part on foot.  Jordan in background.









Me on a donkey Jordan in background.  ALAH ACHBAH!!!!










First closeup glimpse of Kever Aharon.  Almost to the top.  The man from the minister of tourisms office also known as the key-master is the only one with keys to the place.










Me pulling the tarp off of the tomb.  But alas I found a staircase leading into the mountain and realize that aaron is buried below.









Again me pulling the tarp off wearing t'fillin noah davening away next to me.









AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!!!!  We're back and we're taking names!








Rick and Noah posing next to the kever.










Down the stairs we went and found aaron.  He is buried inside of this.  This is where his body lays.  This may be the only chance youhave at seeing this as no one is allowed down here.   I should've tried to bring the bones to Israel just like joseph...maybe next time.









I tried to get a photo next to aaron but no chance.  The aura prevented it from coming out clear.










On top of the mosque which is aarons tomb. Jordan in background. 















Again on top of the mosque.  Noah and I.  It was a beautiful day and one that I'll never forget.









Me and noah on top of the mosque still.  Noah asked me if I was giving him bunny ears and I replied "of course not."  Can you imagine the chutzpah of him thinking I would do such a thing.  Israel is in the background you'll notice the difference in terrain as it's sandstone and limestone.









Just the three of us, we can make it if we try, just the three of us, Alah, Muhammed, and I...(a few extra dinars also  helps).  The gentleman from the ministers office, also known as the key-master, with us. 














Nabatean ruins.  Why can't anyone take a good picture.  If you want something done right, do it yourself.





















The Petra gang.  With Grandmaster Rick in da middle.












Nabatean ruin and final picture.