You Must view all of these in succession.  If you don't view these videos you are really missing something.  You can skip the first one if you wish but don't skip the others.  I put the file sizes so you can see how big they are.  They will take some time to download but are well worth the wait.


VIDEO #1 Inside Petra where they filmed Indiana Jones                                                aprox 5MB

VIDEO #2 On a Donkey for the first time inside Petra                                                   aprox 12.6MB

VIDEO #3 Me on a Donkey no hands, Cool Video Outside Petra in the open                aprox 17.6MB

VIDEO #4 On a donkey first glimpse of the Kever on a mountain from the distance        aprox 5.2MB

VIDEO #5 Closeup of Aharon from a distance                                                               aprox 4.9MB

VIDEO #6 Climbing up the mountain on a donkey, gettting closer                                    aprox 25MB

VIDEO #7 Still Climbing you can see both Israel and Jordan                                           aprox 8.6MB

VIDEO #8 Climbing on foot the last portion of the hike, ascent and entering the kever      aprox 20.1MB

VIDEO #9 Us inside the Kever, Davining with T'fillin on, see the tomb                             aprox 25MB