Kever David
Thursday Night Mishmar at King Davids Tomb








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Me and Todd in the sherut on the way














1) JB Noah Chaim

2) Beautiful Mezuzah at the Tomb










Davids Tomb












Todd, Rabbi Ulman, JB(3 ladies-man) in front of the gate that goes into the tomb area









1) On the ride home Micha in action.

2) Rick and Kevin on back of bus.







1) JB looking serious and 












1) When I got back I found snoop asleep on top of a sleeping Kevin.

2) Snoop on my shoulder





Snoop and me











Ariel and JB(boy are those teeth white)
















Ariel and Todd, JB sneaks in the middle














JB and Noah (tongue out) action photo











1) Joseph, Rabbi Ulman, and half of Todd

2) Joseph, Rabbi Ulman, and Todd all Yawning






JB's profile over-exposed (you can see noah in the background with his tongue still out)