Last days in Israel
Sadly heading back to the land of too much

CLICK HERE for a Toast that Yosef Made to me at the Mishmar about 20MB so it will take a little to download.





JB and Yosi in Yafo.  Yosi was kind enough to shlep to Tel Aviv with me the day before I was leaving to go pick my ticket up.  So we took a little detour and visited the ancient city of Yafo.  The old city has a lot of arabs in it.












JB with town and Ocean behind him.















Small boy on a big horse, Yosi took this picture and I'm not sure why.  This is in an arab area.









Maybe JB will be a shepherd one day.  BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH









More Sheep






























JB and Yosi wearing T'fillin and davining Mincha with the Mediterranean Sea behind us.  We are sooooo cool!!!











This appeared after we put our t'fillin on and davined.

I was so lucky to see...Who does that look like in the sky?  

Yosi said something amazing.  

He said, "Isn't it amazing that something created all of this.  I can't imagine appreciating this for what it is if you didn't believe in god.  Imagine this just being random, what would it mean then?"  

Yosi is very advanced for 18.  I wish I was that advanced at his age. 







JB with you know who behind him in the sky.  Mediterranean Sea there also.
















This is the other side.  Big contrast huh?  Beauty, god, nature, a sea on one side and an arab village on the other.  Nobody bothered us while we prayed.








Snoop on my last day while I'm packing.  C'mon snoop open your eyes!









There they are opened a crack. Quit being so fussy.










There we go, now that's better.










JB and Joey (Heschel, Yosi, Hershel, Heschee, and various other names). Hey You made it on the site!  Congrats Joey!









JB speaking at Mishmar he sponsored.











If you smelllllll what JB is cooking!  Action photo, there were about 30 people in the room.