Some of the videos are rather large.  For the larger ones the best way to view them is to right click(that's the other button) on the link.  A menu will appear and select "save target as" and left click(the normal button) it will pop up a window and ask you where you want to save it.  Just save it on your desktop or wherever you want it.  After it all downloaded, double click on it and it should open up and run.  The first video is definitely worth viewing.  The files sizes are approximate. Enjoy!


Click here for a crazy video of JB climbing the side of a cliff with a very steep drop. 60mb

(The file above is huge but it is an absolute must)

Masada video two video when we first hit the summit(I curse twice in it using the F word, sorry) 15.7mb

Masada video three the path up the backside leading to the roman ramp 5.3mb

Masada video four on top of masada 29.3mb

Masada video five smooth landing as we took the cable car down after over 5 hours of hiking 12.4mb


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