Petra, Jordan (yes it is a different country)




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Starting off our Journey look at the horseeeees...










That big brown mountain in the center of the picture is the mountain that kever aharon sits on.










This is an altar to a nabatean(sp?) god.  It dates back to the beginning of the second temple period(around 500 BCE).









Me in the caverns of Petra, isn't it beautiful?










  Rick, Noah, JB, Mr. Ha-nee(tourguide) (not to be confused with Mr. Hankey)









Rick, JB, Noah under Nabatean god altar thingy.









Noah, Rick, JB - Kodak Moment (does anyone use kodak anymore?)









Me with water channel behind me.










JB, Noah, Rick inside a camel that used to be there.  You can still see the feet of the camel.









Another Camel.  See it?  Where's Waldo?









Camel again....










Why can't the tourguide take a decent photo.  you'd think after the thousands of tours he's given...









I think I need new glasses. I am getting a headache.










This is where they filmed Indiana Jones.  The tourguide says they're still sore that they never got paid for the use of petra for the movie.  Whatever dude?  Obviously not a Jewish run government, need to get the money first.  At least they should've taken some collateral.  <read gemara Geetan(sp?) for further details.>

This is called the treasury.  When they discovered it and the bedouins found out that it was called the treasury they started shooting at it thinking there was gold inside the statues ruining a portion of it.  Sure says something for arab ingenuity. 

Tour guide still can't take a straight picture.













But JB straightened it out.

















Me in a tall doorway inside the treasury.  you can see the cavern behind me.  At this point we'd been hiking for about an hour.















<Theme to Rocky>  Getting Strong Now, Getting Strong Now. (You remember the scene in Philly when he runs to the top of the stairs to get to the statue of Rocky Marciano.)













Me on a donkey a bunch of homes from nabatean times in the background, (We call them caves)









Don't i look funny on a donkey?  How is it holding me up?











Rick waving and showing his pearly whites, alright enough already Ms. America.  Rick: "First I would like to thank all the people who got me to this point in my feed all the hungry children in the world...blah...blah...and to use my crown to bring world peace."  (three bedouins applauding in background and a donkey behhhhinnngggg loudly...)

Nabatean homes/caves in background.









Rick on his way to bring about world peace.









The roman courts building.  A lot of justice done there.  "He is a Jew! Send him to the lions!"









More carvings out of the mountain.












Noahhhhhhhhhhhhh and rick with Mr. Haaney(not hankey).  Another bedouin in background.














Nice picture of back of Mr. Haaney's head.  








Beautiful mountain carvings, beautiful mountain, oh what a beautiful morning oh what a beautiful day.










More carvings.










The group a little ahead of me.  (Didn't last very long, SLOWPOKES!)









Can you take me to, FUNKYTOWNNN?









If you look closely you can see them.  Wild Hens, Roosters, Chicken thingies.  They are red and chillin in the desert.









More carvings side of Bedouin tent.









Three of us on donkey's in front of Bedouin tent.  Noahtorious in the foreground.










See that white speck on top of the dark granite mountain?  No it's not a smudge on your screen or shmootz on your glasses.  It's Kever aharon from a distance.







See the white thing on top of the mountain?  "No it's not a smudge...or Shmootz..."  Can you guess what it is?









Bedouins in their natural habitate.  See the Camel?  Make sure to click at the bottom to keep going to see the Kever Aharon Pictures.