Rabbi Ulman Gets a present
Chanukah Party at the rebbi's

Ariel and I decided to get Rabbi Ulman a present for Chanukah so we went to Mea Sharim and picked him out a wine dispenser to use for kiddush.  We then made a surprise visit to his home and gave him the present.  He was very pleased and we had a little party afterwards.  His kids played games, his wife made us Soofganiot(Jelly Doughnuts) and he lit candles.  It was great fun. (Ariel shot the photos, he asked me to give him credit)

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Rabbi Ulman happily putting together his new Chanukah present.  It's a wine dispenser for kiddush that takes wine from one big cup and dispenses it into 12 cups.  He has 9 children so he needed it.








Me, Rabbi Ulman, Ariel, The gift










1) The next generation of Ulmans(what a cast of characters)

2) The gift, testing how it looks on the dining room table





1) Another angle of the gift(Shimon sneaking in the background)

2) Another angle






1) The big cup you make the kiddush on and use to pour into the contraption

2) The other cups for the guests and family





1) Another Ulman

2) Another Ulman






1) Eric I mean Russ holding another Ulman

2) Rabbi Ulman making the Bruchas over the Menorah






1) Rabbi Ulman still making Bruchas

2) The Menorah in the window lit, obviously it's the third night




1) Kids playing with new tops that the rebbitsen brought out

2) Me playing with the tops(I'm not sure why I put this photo up after all I am a grown man...)





Me explaining the laws of thermodynamics to the Ulman clan.  I am also explaining the laws of physics and how tops spin.  They had a complicated top that had three parts to it and I was determined to get all three spinning on top of each other.











Three tops all spinning on top of each other!!! Although...It wasn't me that got it to work it was a 12 year old girl ...hmmmm...well ...maybe I should have left out the thermodynamics lesson.