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1) JB on bus to Tapuach

2) Noah profile picking his face










1) JB holding KACH Sign (Meir Kahane's political party)











1) Following the procession behind the torah, marching through the west bank.










1) Noah and JB at rally, you can see the lights from the truck on the right.











1) JB at rally holding sign







1) Baruch Mazel dancing with guys

2) Ariel Dancing with Baruch Mazel trying to take a picture of himself.






1) Yosi, Ricky, JB inside the Shul.  Yosi and Rick both went to Ohr Samaich.  Yosi is also featured on my last days in Israel page.  Ricky is blind and his lack of sight does not harbor him one bit.  He is a sign of courage and hope for all of us.  I hope to have his ruach one day.







The torah marchin along in the streets with Kahane flags waving everywhere.








Look how beautiful the sefer torah is.  The army stole this torah when they demolished the shul.









The Kahane girls in the back behind the mechizah.  At the end the mechizah came down a bit so I was able to snap a photo of the women celebrating the dedication of this holy place.  It is such a beautiful thing to see the purity of these women and their dedication to yidishkite.









It's me, It's me, It's JB kicking it live in 2004 in the west bank.  I am standing in the territories surrounded by arab villages in the middle of the night with no fence or security other than a thousand armed settlers.  I felt pretty safe :)