Me and Stu traveling
August 5-Sept 5











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1) Rabbi Jose's Tomb 

2) Me and Stu in Zfat from Adams balcony 

3) Adams family, Stu, Liz, and I





1) Road 90 from Jerusalem to Zfat.  Gandhi(former tourism minister who was assasinated by the arabs) road.  I liked him very much.

2) Me swimming in the Kineret(Sea of Galilee)

3) Me in the mountains of the galil in the north



1) Me praying at the wall with tfillin on(I was sick and it was hot)

2) same as first

3) Me praying at the tomb of Abraham in the Ma'arat Hamachpelah(Double cave that Abraham purchased to bury his wife Sarah)







1) Me and stu hiking in Ein Gedi

2) a gazelle in a tree?

3) again a gazelle?





1) Me and stu still hiking in Ein Gedi.  We went off the path down a dried up old riverbed, kinda steep

2) Me praying in the ruins of an ancient synagogue

3) Zvi Magencys grave(my rabbi in High School)





1) Me and stu with the kotel behind us

2) Me and stu on the tunnels tour of Har Habayit

3) Me inside the sepulchre where Jesus was supposedly buried



1) Me holding Adams Baby